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Mornings, Music, and Mom Life

A Smooth Start: Embracing the Chaos and Finding Joy in the Little Moments

Picture this: I'm in full-on "20 minutes late, can't find my shoes, cold coffee in hand" mode, desperately trying to get my 5-year-old to camp on time. Oversized sunglasses are on, and there's no time to plug in my phone. So, I crank up the radio and hope for the best.

"Mom, can you play that song you like?" My 5-year-old's voice breaks through the chaos. "Which song?" I ask, mentally sifting through my playlist. "You know, the one that's just like the ocean..." And then it hits me. Santana. "Smooth." Of course!

I turn up the volume, and as I glance in the rearview mirror, I see him, head bopping away, completely lost in the music. Suddenly, being late doesn't seem so bad. Moments like these remind me that even in the middle of chaos, the simple joys are what matter most.

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I dream of a day when we can all let go of the relentless pressure we place on ourselves. My goal is to teach my son to worry less and savor this fleeting life. Until then, I'll keep encouraging both you and me to appreciate all that we do and remember that most things aren't as serious as they seem.

Keep scrolling for my favorite search tools, must-have summer essentials, and the best discoveries I made this week.

🔍 Reverse Google Image Search: Price Check 🔍

If you haven't used reverse Google image search, you're missing out! This is my go-to for finding similar products, sales, and price matching. Big-box stores often sell the same item at different prices, so always make sure to price match.


First, let me say that I always believe in saving for that one piece you can't stop thinking about—classic pieces are worth the investment. However, I love a high-low combo and a good deal.

This site specializes in finding budget-friendly versions of high-end furniture and decor items. Simply add "" to the beginning of the URL of the product you love, and will work its magic.

Summer Staples

🍹 Classic Lillet Spritz: Combine 2 parts Lillet Blanc, 2 parts soda water, and 1 part tonic water. Serve over ice in a large wine glass and garnish with a slice of orange and a sprig of mint. * freeze your fruit

🎨 Art Journaling: Therapy with a Splash of Color: the ultimate creative escape, now if I can just find time to start mine...

starter kit: watercolor journal // markers // watercolors // camera

🔥 Must-Have: Himalayan Salt Block: Take your grilling game to the next level with a Himalayan salt block. It adds a delicate, natural flavor to your food

❄️ Hack: Pre-Freeze Serving Platters: Keep your cold dishes, like salads and desserts, fresh and appetizing by pre-freezing your serving platters. This simple trick ensures your food stays cool even on the hottest days.

🍢 Reusable Grill Mats & Grilling Trays: Invest in reusable grill mats to keep your grill clean and enhance the cooking process. These mats provide a non-stick surface, making it easier to cook delicate items like fish and vegetables. For easy clean up the grill prep and carry system.

🎥 DIY Outdoor Cinema: Set up an outdoor cinema with a portable projector and a white sheet or portable screen. Enhance the experience with wireless speakers and cozy seating.

🧼 Handmade Soap from Saipua: Indulge in handmade soaps from Saipua. Their beautifully crafted bars, made with natural ingredients, elevate your handwashing routine with scents like Rose Geranium and Cedarwood.

🕯️ Secret Hack: Citronella Candles from Skeem Design: Keep bugs at bay with stylish citronella candles from Skeem Design. These candles come in beautiful glass containers and provide a pleasant, bug-repelling fragrance.

& a few more favorites! cherry glasses // claw clips // solar recover // weezie towels // beach day // nourishing balms // sateen duvet set

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