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The Cabinista
Unearthing New Cabin Art and the Christmas Excitement

Unearthing New Cabin Art and the Christmas Excitement

🎙 In Today's Episode -  we dive into a story about a cabin painting and its origins and how squirrels unknowingly become tree-planting aficionados. We'll also share expert tips on infusing your home with the warm, inviting colors of fall, one layer at a time. But wait, we've got breaking news: Anthropologie has just unveiled its Christmas line! It's a must-know for anyone looking to deck the halls.

And of course, we can't resist sharing our favorite moments of the week, like a bus-shaped water bottle making waves at preschool and Peyton's triumphant creation of the best tiramisu ever for a certain someone's birthday! So, join us for this hilariously cozy episode, and remember, it's absolutely okay to embrace the quirks and joys of life.

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🌟 The Cabinista Podcast: Hosted by Craig, Peyton, and Gray, this podcast is your gateway to all things cozy, offering a unique blend of designs, brands, and recipes tailored for those who cherish the cozy lifestyle.

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The Cabinista
The Cabinista
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