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Who am I? 

Hi, I'm Peyton, an interior designer, mom of one, and a self-proclaimed over-sharer. My report cards were always pretty consistent; I talk too much. But, I've found a way to channel all my energy into a substack where I share all the secrets I’ve learned about home decor & interior design. I've spent more than ten years in this field, so I've got a lot to talk about. Think of me as your interiors-obsessed BFF, always on the hunt for hidden gems, juggling a dozen decor tabs, and trying to keep up with life. When I'm not glued to my laptop or phone, you can find me with family, rearranging furniture, starting a new project, or searching for the perfect antique. Because that's what a well-designed life is all about, right? So whether you're here for some design tips, a little escape, or to chat over a virtual cup of coffee, I promise to keep it real and captivating. I'll share honest advice and heartfelt stories, and we'll build a community together.

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I've been in the design and media world for over ten years and have spent countless hours scouring for home decor pieces. But hey, that's why I'm here! Consider me your friend who is obsessed with interior design and loves to share my insights with you. Every week, you’ll receive a short and sweet guide covering everything from the latest trends to budget-friendly options and luxury items worth the splurge. My goal is to help you style your space in a way that's both stylish and practical. And don't worry, I won't bore you with the same old stuff week after week. Each issue is fresh, engaging, and packed with heartfelt camaraderie. 

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Let's cut to the chase: you're investing in an extension of your home's design team. It's like having a design consultant on call. Consider this: our community's guidance and curated content save you hours of searching and scrolling and potentially hundreds of dollars in design consultations and misguided purchases.

I'll share practical and actionable insights on creating beautiful and livable spaces every week. If you choose to donate, it will be reinvested into this group to provide better content. I source and filter a lot of information every week to bring it right to supporters like you.

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It's about offering more than aesthetics; it's about equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, understand design principles, and bring out the best in your home.

In essence, you're not just subscribing; you're enhancing your ability to create a home that truly reflects your taste and lifestyle. Let's embark on this design journey together—subscribe now and transform how you live and design.

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People love to keep their best finds under wraps, but I'm here to share all of mine. Your internet interior designer. Party of 3. Most likely juggling 20 tabs as you read this. Hudson's Mom / Interior Designer.