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The Joy (and Guilt) of Staying In

Weekend guilt, unique home decor finds, and the best hack when shopping for furniture and decor.
warm lighting, unique niche home decor finds, weekend guilt, expert furniture shopping hacks, stylish furniture, and thoughtfully arranged home accessories
🫶🏻 Dolce Far Niente | the sweetness of doing nothing

Can we talk about the guilt of staying in on the weekend?

Do you ever feel guilty on Saturday evening for not being out and about? It's that nagging feeling that if you're not being a cool Saturday morning park mom, your future self will look back and judge you. Or your son will end up in therapy because you didn't have enough friends or a weekend itinerary. But let's be honest: I'm just not that mom. I'm more of a stay-up-late-and-sleep-in-on-Saturday person.

Guilt is a weird thing. No one tells you about it when you're younger. Maybe it's just me and my people-pleasing ways, but guilt has this annoying habit of following me around, like that family member who overstays their welcome. And honestly, I'm over it.

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So, this weekend, I decided to kick guilt to the curb or at least give it a firm nudge. I did a bit of online retail therapy, hung out with my family, and even managed to shave my legs—all without letting any guilt creep in. Here's to bringing the same guilt-free mood into the upcoming week and embracing the joy of staying in and doing whatever feels right for us guilt-free.

I've created a shopping list, or as I like to call it, a "browse, add items to cart, and never check out" list. It's a collection of unique home decor websites I'm currently obsessed with. Forget the big box stores; these hidden gems will keep you scrolling all week.

Discover secrets to saving money on furniture, find the best home decor stores, affordable home accessories, budget-friendly furniture shopping tips, and stylish home decor bargains
unique home decor finds & gifts

Modern Heirlooms & Lots of Patterns:

Green Row: Green Row offers sleek, modern designs with a touch of whimsy. Their fresh, vibrant pieces are perfect for adding personality to your space. hand-painted plates // wood pedestal // seagrass stool

The Inside: Customizable furniture that doesn't break the bank? Yes, please! cove bed // storage bench // zebra wallpaper // pickleball paddle

Maiden Home favorites, featuring elegant linen sofas, stylish home decor pieces, and cozy accessories, showcasing the best in luxury furniture and chic interior design
Maiden Home Favorites

Linen Sofas & A Movie Night Collection:

Maiden Home: High-end craftsmanship meets direct-to-consumer prices.  eldridge bed // basel plinths // varick sofa // the dune sofa // garrett chair

SUNDAYS: functional and beautiful pieces, perfect for creating a serene and inviting home environment.

Sixpenny sofas, highlighting various elegant and comfortable designs, showcasing premium linen upholstery, cozy home decor, and stylish living room setups
my favorite linen sofa

Artisan, Unique and Eclectic:

Dear Keaton: Globally inspired, artisan-made decor with a bohemian flair.

miramar oval tray // woven rope stool // burl box // dancing basket // dish

Jayson Home: Unique, eclectic pieces that add character and charm to any space. Perfect for those who love a good statement piece.

feast cloche // hand soaps // brass glassware // lobi bench // estrella lamp

artisan, unique, and eclectic home decor pieces, featuring handcrafted furniture, distinctive accessories, and one-of-a-kind decor items for a personalized and stylish home
Amazon Summer Must Haves

Summer Favorites.

  • Clare Paint Swatch Kit: Revamp your space with summer hues. Clare’s paint swatch kit makes choosing the perfect color easy and chic.

  • Weezie Towels Beach Towel: Soft, absorbent, and stylish, these towels are a beach day essential. Monogram them for a personal touch.

  • Solar Recover Magic Spray: Years ago, a kind local rescued my sunburned self with this magic spray, gifted it to me for free, and suggested keeping it in the fridge—it's been my secret summer savior ever since.

  • Brightland The Artist Capsule Olive Oils: Enhance your summer dishes with these artist-designed bottles of premium olive oil.

  • Jones Road Beauty Balms: Perfect for summer! I am obsessed with these miracle balms. They are lightweight, nourishing balms perfect for a dewy, sun-kissed look.

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The Hack I Use to Find Home Decor for Less! and use Google Chrome's reverse image search. helps you find cheaper alternatives to expensive pieces, and a quick reverse image search can uncover similar items at different prices online. These tools are game-changers when looking for home decor and furniture.

Other Things I Loved This Week:

  • Cape Cod Sweet & Spicy Chips: Upgrade your summer sandwiches with a generous helping of these chips to elevate your turkey mayo mustard.

  • Standard Textile: The Embroidered sateen duvet set from Standard Textile gives your bed that crisp, five-star hotel

  • Sweet Hat Co.: obsessed with the marketing mastermind behind this brand and their sold-out, embroidered sweatshirt

  • Hand-Poured Bath Salts from Susanne Kaufmann: Transform your bath into a spa-like experience with hand-poured bath salts.

  • Key Case: A mini purse for your key fob is the delightfully unnecessary accessory you didn't know you needed but now can't live without.

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    Final Thoughts:

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