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Gardening and Nancy Meyers

I'm diving headfirst into my gardening era with high hopes and low expectations.

I'm about to dive headfirst into my gardening era, which means investing in plants and praying that I don't accidentally turn them into dried herbs. I definitely don't have a green thumb; it's more like a thumb of another color entirely. But after watching the Bunny Williams home tour, I'm irrationally convinced that I can pull off a garden, too.

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Let's be honest; this happens every year. I start as a determined gardener, but then life gets in the way, and my plants suffer the consequences. Shall we take the plunge and witness whether this year will be different? Grab your gloves, a cup of coffee (or maybe a martini—I'm not judging) and let’s see how this pans out!

Planters & Unnecessary Essentials


  • Zara Home: Their home section has a line of chic planters that mimic high-end ceramic pieces. The stoneware planter is a personal favorite—minimalist and elegant. 

  • Jayson Home – This Chicago-based retailer offers a range of planters that blend vintage charm with modern design. 

  • World Market: They have an ever-changing selection of unique and luxe-looking planters that don't cost a fortune.

  • Terrain's Outlet Section: Hidden in the nooks of their website, the outlet section has some great finds.

  • Veradek: Great planters. They're modern, lightweight, and won't break the bank.

    Tools & Decor:

  • Sneeboer & Zn Tools: These Dutch-made garden tools are a splurge, but they're built to last a lifetime. A snippet of the review that made me press go, "I'll never buy anything else. They're the definition of buy it once garden tools."

  • Gardening Tools from Niwaki: Niwaki’s Japanese gardening tools are the crème de la crème for any serious gardener. Their hori hori knife is perfect for everything from weeding to planting bulbs.

  • Amazon Finds: This planter is of excellent quality and even more impressive in person! 

  • Garden Lights: Obsessed with these Outdoor Illuminated rocks and my favorite floating pool lanterns

Insider Gardening Hacks

Here are some gardening tips to help us realize our green dreams, carefully curated after doing way too much unnecessary research.

  • Crushed Oyster Shells for Soil: Mix these into your garden beds to improve drainage and add calcium. You can often find them at local feed stores or online.

  • Banana Peel Fertilizer: Soak banana peels in water for a few days, then use the nutrient-rich liquid to water your plants. This gives them a potassium boost.

  • DIY Drip Irrigation: Use a simple plastic bottle with tiny holes poked in it. Bury it near your plants and fill it with water for a slow-release irrigation system.

Plant Pairings to Consider

I'm not much of a gardener, but I do have an eye for pairing and finding them. So, which ones should we go for, which ones should we skip, and what else should we consider adding?

  • Italian Cypress: Adds a Mediterranean flair

  • Olive Trees: Perfect for a chic, rustic look

  • Camellias: For a touch of classic elegance

  • Boxwood Topiaries: For a timeless, sculpted look

  • Lavender: Perfect for a pop of color and fragrance

  • Cactus: Great for low-maintenance, stylish greenery

  • Herbs: Functional and beautiful, especially in a kitchen garden

Add to Cart

  • Reusable Beeswax Wraps: Perfect for keeping your summer sandwiches fresh without waste.

  • Cherry Drop Earrings: I love these! They are so vibrant and perfect for summer. Also, this necklace.

  • Outdoor Table Lamp: The crack cube garden light is a unique outdoor statement piece.

  • Flower Frogs: This is a game changer for my grocery store's blooms.

  • Bread Boards: Vintage bread boards & more boards.

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