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Who is Seaweed Doug? Revealing the Genius of Ralph Lauren Vintage

Doug Bihlmaier is the head of Ralph Lauren vintage—an industry icon and possibly the coolest guy in America.
Doug Bihlmaier, who began his career at Ralph Lauren as a stylist in the 1980s, epitomizes effortlessly cool vintage style
Doug Bihlmaier started working for Ralph Lauren as a stylist in the 1980s

A Seaweed Sunday:

Sunday morning, my mom and I experienced one of those classic moments where we simultaneously sent each other the exact same video—no words, just a storm of excited emojis. This led to the inevitable question, "How did we not know who this was?" It was SEAWEED DOUG, the long-standing vintage buyer for Ralph Lauren. This man is the epitome of effortlessly cool, and his style is nothing short of iconic. So, naturally, I spent most of Sunday deep diving into his world and emerged into the week feeling like I needed to up my style game. Here's everything I learned from my SEAWEED DOUG deep dive.

Deep dive into the world of Seaweed Doug, the head of Ralph Lauren vintage, known for his iconic and effortlessly cool style.
a deep dive into seaweed Doug, head of RALPH LAUREN vintage

Embrace the Patina: 

Doug is all about pieces that tell a story. His spaces are filled with items that have a rich history and show a bit of wear and tear. It's all about that beautifully worn, lived-in look that adds instant character and charm. Think well-worn leather chairs, antique rugs, and weathered wood tables. 

High-Low Mix:

Doug's genius lies in blending high-end vintage finds with affordable decor. The key is to mix and match, creating a space that feels both luxurious and inviting.

Curate Like a Pro:

Doug's spaces aren't just about individual pieces; they're about how everything comes together. He has a talent for curating collections that feel organic and cohesive. Whether it's a gallery wall of vintage art or a bookshelf filled with eclectic finds, it's all about the thoughtful placement and the stories each item tells.

Shop Like Doug:

If you want to shop like Seaweed Doug, think beyond traditional retail. Explore estate sales, local flea markets, and obscure online marketplaces. Always keep an eye out for that one-of-a-kind piece that speaks to you.

Explore the world of Seaweed Doug, head of Ralph Lauren Vintage, and discover 'The Lost Cabin.' Learn how to recreate the rustic yet luxurious Ralph Lauren Vintage look with practical decorating tips and where to find distinctive vintage pieces.

RUGS: etsy // rugs direct // revival rugs // the citzenery // ebay // serena & lily // tj maxx

ART: anthropologie // etsy // juniper // collection prints // fine art america // artifact

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Trending Tip of the Week:

eBay France 🇫🇷: Yes, I'm mentioning it again! eBay France. The French have this uncanny ability to preserve and pass on gorgeous antiques. Pro tip: Search for "brocante" and prepare to fall down a delightful rabbit hole.

Other Things I Loved This Week:

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Doug Bihlmaier's Lost Cabin:

Trust me, you’ll want to move into his cabin, and i’ll join you.

Patchwork Summer Quilts:

These quilts are the perfect blend of grandma and modern chic

Final Thoughts:

If you're new here, welcome! I love hearing from you, so don't hesitate to reply to this email with your thoughts, questions, or just to say hi. And if you missed the last newsletter, catch up here.

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